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Why Dreameur?

I coined the word “DREAMEUR” because I am French, and in French, the suffix –eur often indicates a profession (We say “un chanteur” for a singer, “un docteur” for a doctor, etc.).

I think that to do anything we want to do in life, we need to be a DREAMEUR  first! This is an activity that underlies ALL the others!

Of course, I am NOT talking of dreaming when you are asleep.

I am talking about daydreaming with pure,  intentional desire of things you want to have happen in your life and in other’s lives.

I am talking about THE BEST ABILITY that was given to you by a higher power (whatever you want to call it: God, the Universe, a divinity, yourself as God/divinity, etc.).  Some will not believe in a higher power, but whatever you believe it comes from, the truth is that dreaming is the most powerful of our natural abilities as a (human) being!

In the past few years of my life, while working at helping people succeed in their business, I realized that only a small number of them were REALLY dreaming. When I say “really”, I mean that they were “pretending” to dream. Lots of people dream but they don’t really believe it! They may have the data that a dream is just a dream, meaning it will not materialize. In reality, it is the contrary!

I made this blog because I want to meet more and more people who know this for a fact. I also want to meet people who may have difficulties truly dreaming and help them dream better. I think the more we are conscious about all that we can do with this simple gift, the more we will be able to bring happiness and peace to ourselves, our families, our countries and our planet.

I will be happy to meet you on my blog and on my Facebook page.  A few years ago, I started to dream again and I changed my life. Not only emotionally and sentimentally, but also health wise and financially too.

So what happened that caused this amazing “dreaming” tool (sense – power – gift) to become so minimally used by most of the population?

For the lot of you who are dreaming & believing, I tip my hat to you.  Fortunately, a lot of you are still doing that! The world would stop turning if you guys stopped dreaming! The biggest and most beautiful accomplishments these days are created because of people’s dreams. New discoveries, art, etc. would not exist if people were not dreaming!

Maybe everybody is still dreaming, but then why are so many people unhappy, sad, sick, in trouble, not able to manage their life, their love, their job, their children, etc.? Why are they not able to do the job they want, go on vacation, find the love of their life or enjoy their life fully?

We need to reeducate ourselves on how to dream! I had to do that at one point in my life because I had become kind of illiterate about dreaming. Every day I see people around me who need to do that too!

When I was a child I was a dreamer. Now I am a dreameur.  I am a dreameur in the sense that I want to consciously use dreaming as a way to help me live and create my life. Let’s use this gift and help create a new global awareness of it and a new world.

With this blog, I will try to share with you my stories and how I continue to improve my dreaming and creation abilities while helping others do the same.

I have a craving to see people release their own power and start dreaming for real again! I want to share their pleasure when they achieve their goals, I want to be excited with them when they get this crazy impossible idea and then decide to achieve this new dream.

That is what excites me!

I like to see people realize that they CAN do it! This is what feeds my soul.

I solved some major things in my life with dreaming. Now, don’t get me wrong, you still need action.

There are dreams. There is action. You need both to succeed. Still, start with dreaming because dreams will bring on the right circumstances and then action will follow naturally.

Dreaming has been for me what has created the fastest most efficient results and changes in my life.

I realized that Dreaming is a duty in my life. I have still plenty of dreams and one of them is to help a lot of people achieve theirs.

Those past years, while I evolved surrounded by people wanting to succeed in their business, I realized this need, this need of rehabilitating this gift of dreaming that we all have.

People dream differently. Some will do great and realize what they want no matter what. Some will do it for a little bit, fail in achieving what they want and then go back to a robotic life. Some will not really believe in what they dream about. Some will not dream at all.

If you are having a successful life that you love and you achieve what you want, CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING! If you are not, my wish for you is that you CREATE happiness in your life. If only one of the experiences that I share on this blog can help you or somebody you know, it will make my day.

Creating your life by dreaming can be as real and simple as baking a good cake. Once you get how it works and you have the recipe, you can do it over and over and over again. Some of you are great at that! Some of you still have to re-discover this power. Some of you are like I was – you know it works, but you don’t use it, or you do it sporadically: you get something great, you achieve something, life is great, and then you forget, you go on automatic, life slyly takes over, and because at the moment all is fine, you forget about dreaming and you find yourself months or years later, so far from what you really wanted to do in this life!

I want to help you become aware of what’s happening when you dream.

What if you could maintain the dreaming flow in your life so that things just got better and better?

Would you like to achieve your dreams? I know some of you still need to find out what your dreams are, and it’s ok.

What if you could help people around you achieve their own dreams?

For those who failed in the past, are discouraged and not in the game anymore or simply want to try again later, let me tell you something: YOU CAN DO IT!

Probably many people have told you this already, and you did it! Or you did it only in certain areas of your life and you still feel unsatisfied. I know the feeling.

What would make you happy? In essence it is very simple but we make it so complex sometimes!

Find what would make you happy. Then find out what it takes to get there, and DO it!

Also, why do we fail when we do fail? It can be caused by many things that we may not be able to control. However, one thing that can cause failure and that we CAN control is: not dreaming enough. We are not “crazy” enough! There, I said it!  We dream and then we think it’s impossible or that we can’t and we make it not possible. Our level of belief is low. You have to believe!

Is there a risk? Of course! All the time! This is called LIFE. If you want to live, you need to get to a point where you feel able to take risks and still sleep at night. Dreaming on a regular daily basis will help you do that and will transform you.

Whatever your beliefs or religion are, dreaming is universal. It is at the same time both the fuel that will give your life power and the steering wheel that will guide you in the right direction. If you don’t dream you’ll never get to where you have decided to go. You may not even know where you want to go! You’ll be dragged around by other people’s dreams.

Life can be fun!

Life can be enjoyable!

You are unique and powerful!

Wake up and dream!


Nathalie Karine

Los Angeles – October 30th, 2012

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